How we are governed

Find out how we are governed including our procurement policy and register, declarations of interest, freedom of information policy and more. 

Cover for Procurement Policy

Procurement Policy

This policy ensures that we meet its legal obligation to act in the best interests of the organisation, in accordance with our constitution.

Cover for CCG Procurement Register

CCG Procurement Register

This is the CCGs register of procurement decisions taken since January 2015, including details of the decision, who was involved and a summary of any conflicts of interest in relation to the decision and how this was managed.

Cover for All Declarations of Interest 2015/2016

All Declarations of Interest 2015/2016

Declarations of interest for CCG Members, Governing Body, Sub Committee members and CCG staff from 2015 to 2016.

Cover for Freedom of Information Policy

Freedom of Information Policy

This sets out our legal obligation to comply with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and Environmental Information Regulations, in providing access to the public (including service users), staff, journalists and anybody else who wishes to see the CCG’s information.

Cover for CCG Hospitality and Gifts Register 2016-17

CCG Hospitality and Gifts Register 2016-17

This details the gifts and hospitality received or declined by South Gloucestershire CCG and it's staff members since April 2016.

Freedom of information

Publication Scheme

Our publication scheme is information that we make routinely available and how you can access it.

Publication scheme