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Governing Body meetings

The Governing Body ensures that the CCG functions effectively and economically, and that commissioning decisions are debated in an open and fair way.

Find out more about its roles and responsibilities of our Governing Body.

Our meetings

Our meetings are held in public so that you can be kept informed of our work and decision-making. 

While you can’t take part in our discussions, a 10-minute slot is allocated at the start of the meeting to give you an opportunity to ask questions. 

Members will aim to answer your questions during that brief slot. Where this isn’t possible, arrangements will be made to provide a response to you outside of the meeting. We include questions and answers in the meeting minutes. 

Please note that the Governing Body can’t discuss questions relating to individual cases or complaints. To address personal issues, please go to Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALs).

Meeting dates

We hold Governing Body meetings every month. For details of meetings and venues, see our events calendar:

Governing Body meetings

Agendas and minutes

You can download the following agendas and read minutes of previous meetings in the Library. 

Governing Body papers

Submitting questions to the Governing Body

All formal meetings of the CCG Governing Body are held in-common with Bristol CCG and North Somerset CCG and in public unless specifically indicated. Members of the public are able to ask questions or make statements during the allocated agenda time.

You can ask questions or make a statement by:

  • Speaking in the meeting at the allocated time on the agenda, 
  • Submitting a question via the Contact Us page
  • Completing a ‘Question Form’

On the day of the meeting, the Governing Body will only be able to respond to questions that have been submitted in advance. Any questions asked on the day will be responded to in writing outside of the meeting and will be published on the CCG websites accordingly.

Please note that questions submitted:

  • Should relate to items on the Governing Body agenda and should be received by the CCG no later than 3 working days prior to the meeting. This is to ensure that questions relate to the business being discussed, can be responded to at the meeting and focused answers are given.
  • Should not require discussions of a confidential nature or require discussion of confidential information (If you have an issue of this nature please speak to the Corporate Support Officer who will advise on the best course of action).
  • Should not be of such a nature to be deemed abusive or vexatious

For further information please contact Lucy Jones, Corporate Support Officer via the CCG Reception on 0117 947 4400.

Cover for Governing Body Meeting Question Form (Word)

Governing Body Meeting Question Form (Word)

If you have any comments or questions you would like answered by the South Gloucestershire CCG Governing Body, please complete this form.

Attending a meeting 

To attend a meeting, please check the date, time and venue in our events calendar and arrive 10 minutes before.

Please note that:

  • Our meetings are held in accessible venues. If you have additional needs please contact lucyjones4@nhs.net or call 0117 947 4400.
  • Governing Body members may not be able to answer all of the questions in the time allocated – those submitted in advance are given priority.
  • You may be asked to explain your question in more detail.
  • if your question is complex, we may ask for your details and send you a written response – your questions and response will also appear in the meeting minutes.
  • Any disruptive, abusive, threatening or aggressive behaviour won’t be tolerated, and in such circumstances, the chair will exclude members of the public from the meeting.

Please note that journalists attend our meetings. We have no control over how the media use comments made at the meeting, unless they breach confidentiality or legal boundaries. 

Other ways to get involved

Your views are at the heart of every commissioning decision we make and help us to evaluate health services effectively.

To help us improve services, we engage with patients and the public on a regular basis, and in various ways, to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to take part.

Get involved