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Governance: documents

Date: 03 Apr 2017

Category: Governance

Governance policies including level 2 processing notice, finance, procurement, business conduct, information governance, and freedom of information.

Connecting Care: documents

Date: 02 Mar 2017

Category: Governance

You can opt-in or opt-out of sharing your connecting care records by completing one of these forms.

Dementia information for patients and carers

Date: 22 Feb 2017

Category: Health advice and support

The Dementia Guide to Services includes a list of key services, organisations and contact telephone numbers for South Gloucestershire where you may be able to access information and support.

CCG Procurement Register

Date: 14 Feb 2017

Category: Governance

A register of procurement decisions taken, which includes the details of the decision, who was involved in making the decision and a summary of any conflicts of interest in relation to the decision and how this was managed by the CCG.

Your guide to local NHS services: information booklet

Date: 03 Feb 2017

Category: Health advice and support

This booklet will help you get the right care, first time with up-to-date information about a wide range of local NHS services. Including versions in English, Polish, Somali and Arabic.

Declarations of Interest

Date: 20 Jan 2017

Category: Governance

This page details declarations of interest for South Gloucestershire CCG Members, Governing Body Members, Committee and sub-committee members and staff.

Corporate policies

Date: 18 Nov 2016

Category: Policies

Corporate policies published by NHS South Gloucestershire.

Continuing Healthcare (CHC): documents

Date: 06 Nov 2016

Category: Health advice and support

Documents relating to how we will make provision for the care of people who have been assessed as eligible for fully funded NHS continuing healthcare (CHC)

Quality documents

Date: 18 Oct 2016

Category: Policies

Documents related to Quality including the Annual Quality Report and Quality Strategy.