Routine hospital waiting times around South Gloucestershire

You have the legal right to start your routine NHS consultant-led treatment within a maximum of 18 weeks from referral, unless you choose to wait longer or it is clinically appropriate that you wait longer.

You can choose where and when to receive treatment according to what matters most to you. Find out more about your options and what happens after a referral:

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The interactive table below can help you to decide on your hospital of choice. Please select your specialty from the drop down menu.

Waiting times explained

Last updated: Wednesday 15 November 2017 (September 2017 data)

Reported outpatient waiting times are the median reported waits for each Provider. The median is the middle value in a dataset when all values are placed in numerical order. Waiting times for operations are the range between the median and 95th percentile. This means that 50% to 95% of patients are treated within the reported timeframe.

The actual waiting time for individual patients can differ significantly from the data below depending on personal circumstance.

For appointments and treatment with any consultant led specialist service

Hospital waiting times results for: ‘Average of all specialties’

Your questions answered BRI, St Michaels, Eye/Dental Hospitals (UHB) Circle Bath Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre (Care UK) Nuffield Hospital Bristol RUH Bath Southmead Hospital (NBT) Spire Hospital Bristol
How long can I expect to wait for my first outpatient appointment after seeing my GP? 6 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks 5 weeks 5 weeks 6 weeks 5 weeks
How long can I expect to wait for my operation after seeing my GP? 06 To 24 Weeks 05 To 16 Weeks 06 To 20 Weeks 07 To 17 Weeks 07 To 24 Weeks 07 To 28 Weeks 08 To 22 Weeks
What proportion of patients are treated within 18 weeks, as promised in the NHS Constitution? 90% 98% 94% 97% 88% 88% 89%
What proportion of patients would recommend the hospital to their friends and family? 98% 99% 99% 100% 97% 91% 100%
  • Failing national and/or local standards
  • Under-performs against national and/or local standards
  • Achieving national and/or local standards

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