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Drugs and alcohol

We work in partnership with South Gloucestershire Council and other organisations to protect people from the damaging health effects of drug and alcohol abuse.

Find immediate help

The South Gloucestershire Drug and Alcohol Service offers advice, support and treatment to those experiencing difficulties with drug or alcohol use, or who are affected by someone else's use.

Call free on 0800 0733011 for confidential advice or email

Or visit the South Gloucestershire Council (Drugs and alcohol) for more information on:

  • alcohol and treatment options
  • drug treatment


For many of us, having a drink can be fun and relaxing. But drinking too much too often can cause health problems and affect our family, work and social life, even if you don't feel addicted.

Drink to excess and you risk:

  • alcohol poisoning, unconsciousness and choking on your own vomit
  • liver disease
  • fatal or minor injury
  • developing several types of cancer (over the longer term)
  • mental health problems
  • developing diabetes
  • (if you're pregnant) damaging an unborn child
  • putting your children and people you love at risk.

If you're pregnant, you should try to avoid drinking altogether.

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If you're worried about drinking, please talk to your GP, especially if you're pregnant or trying to conceive.

Drug addiction and misuse

With the right help and support, many drug users are able to overcome their drug use before any serious harm is done. Other drug users have to hit rock bottom before they can see the harm and damage they are doing and start addressing their drug use.

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