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Stop smoking

One of the best reasons to quit is the benefit to your own health and wellbeing:

  • smoking causes serious problems, many of them life-threatening
  • smoking increases your risk of stroke and heart disease, and your chances of developing respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis and emphysema
  • smoking can contribute to several types of cancer (not just lung cancer) and a certain type of leukaemia
  • smoking can also damage your ability to conceive, and hurt your unborn child
  • smoking can damage the health of your family and friends through breathing second-hand smoke.

Avoiding long-term illness is a great incentive to quit, but there are everyday benefits too.

After quitting you will:

  • have more energy
  • be better at fighting off colds and flus
  • be free from cravings and mood swings
  • look and feel younger.

You'll also notice the benefits in your purse, saving thousands of pounds a year if you're a regular smoker.

Where can I find help to quit?

For free support, encouragement and a tailored quit plan, drop in or make an appointment with a Smokefree South Gloucestershire adviser.

Find your local community session, where you can turn up for a 'drop-in' meeting. 

Find a Smokefree adviser

Online support

At NHS Smokefree online you can:

  • order a free quit kit and information leaflets
  • download NHS Smokefree smartphone app
  • find local support.

NHS Smokefree

At NHS Choices you can:

  • read more about smoking and related illness, including the dangers of smoking when pregnant
  • get self-help tips on how to give up.

NHS Choices