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Patient transport services: your feedback

An online survey, using Survey Monkey was developed for the Patient Transport Services consultation. Survey Monkey is a well-known and well-used online survey tool, and is recognised as being one of the market leaders for online surveys.

The survey was available for completion by members of the public for approximately three weeks.

Local Healthwatch were provided with information regarding the survey, and it was also highlighted via various social media. The survey was available on all CCGs' websites. A copy of the survey is available on request.

In addition, the current main service provider, SWAST, distributed surveys to service users at the time of their travel. The majority (85%), of survey responses have been obtained via this route. This was key in obtaining the feedback of people who had actually used the service, or were carers or family members, of people who had used the service. 

A total of 52 survey responses were received to the survey.

Some of the key findings were:

  • 94% rated the current service as being either good or excellent.
  • No respondents rated the service as being poor.
  • 87% of responses were received from those interested in the general (i.e. non-renal-specific) PTS contract.

The volume of responses received from those who are not service users is not high at 8%.

However, it is recognised that this exercise is not concerned with a project involving major changes to a service, and feedback was intended to be gathered in order to both understand any current service issues, as well as to potentially improve the future service specifications.

The overall volume of responses at 52 is also not high, but again, against the fact that the CCGs are not seeking to restrict, withdraw or substantially change the existing services, this level of response is understandable.

The CCGs are seeking to commission a more flexible and responsive service, in response to the changing demands placed on the local healthcare economy.

The volume of responses to this survey is felt to reflect the fact that the service is not being withdrawn or significantly altered or that the existing eligibility criteria is being changed. A proportion of those who currently use the service have expressed their views through the survey.

Comparing the survey results to other means of identifying the patient experience, e.g. anecdotal feedback from local Healthwatch, CQC reports on the current provider and the current provider’s own service user surveys, the CCGs can be reasonably confident that these survey results are in keeping with other measures of patient experience of the local non-emergency patient transport service.